Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swimsuit Bottoms - Headband (good find) (repurpose)

So I found this CUTE swimsuits bottoms and they were on sale for a stinking Pound so I had to get them of course but the only size they had was 22... What is a girl to do?! So I decided to make them into a headband! Heres how I did it!
Step 1.
Measure out about how long you need it to be, to be able to wrap it around your head comfortably. make sure to make it tight enough to stay on but loose enough to be comfortable.
2014-02-17 14.55.39
Cut the side and the width to be straight. Raw edges are fine with this material, so no worries about sewing that up if you don'd want to, but it tends to get a little bunchy. heres what that looks like.
2014-02-17 15.20.23
Thats alright too though because when you wear it, it pulls it tight enough you can not really notice!
Step 2.
Fold the whole thing in half, face together. Sew along the raw edge. pull the material if you can so it will bunch slightly.
2014-02-17 15.06.27
It is fine to leave the raw edge. it does not fray! (SO NICE)
Step 3.
Flip the material right side out and you should have a circle now that fits around your head nicely! You can leave it just as a band or you can add any detail you would like. I wanted mine to be a little simple but a fun pinch on one side so thats the next step!
Step 4. (optional)
Take the line you sewed and pinch it together.
2014-02-17 15.20.532014-02-17 15.21.00
Like so. Hand stitch where you pinched together and Vuala!
2014-02-17 15.48.09-1
Headband Happiness!!
Thanks for the love everyone!

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